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Wisdom teeth (third molars) and other teeth may need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Teeth are either, protruding through the gum (erupted) or covered by the gum tissue and bone (unerupted) to different degrees. Removal of teeth as they are attached to the jaw bone, usually involve some bone removal. Usually you have been referred to us because the removal requires our Specialist skills.

Teeth may be removed because:

  1. There is a risk of infection.
  2. There is not enough space in the jaw to accommodate all the teeth.
  3. They have cavities that cannot be easily restored.
  4. They may be cracked and not easily repaired.
  5. They may be impacted, that is they are trapped by other teeth or bone and prevented from fully erupting.

An X-ray is required prior to removing a tooth and your referring doctor or dentist may wish to send a X-ray of the tooth or teeth in question.

Some teeth may be associated with cysts & usually the tooth would be removed in addition to the cyst. If a cyst is large it may require special treatment.

As with any surgery there are risks associated with removing teeth, which may vary with your age and general health or to the tooth or teeth being removed.

A comprehensive history and examination of the problem will undertaken and X-rays examined.

Treatment Options

Teeth can be removed under: local anaesthetic; intravenous sedation; or a general anaesthetic in hospital. Teeth removal from bone and gum tissue, require a healing phase. We will guide you on post-operative pain and recovery time and what you are likely to expect.

You will be given information about your proposed surgery and financial considerations. You are then in a position to make informed consent after knowing the risks and hazards involved.